macholib.MachO — Utilities for reading and writing Mach-O headers

This module defines a class Macho, which enables reading and writing the Mach-O header of an executable file or dynamic library on MacOS X.

macholib.MachO.lc_str_value(offset, cmd_info)

Returns the bytes for an lc_str value, given the offset of type lc_str and the cmd_info that contains the structure that contains the lc_str value. cmd_info is and item in the commands attribute of a MachOHeader instance.

class macholib.MachO.MachO(filename, allow_unknown_load_commands=False)

Creates a MachO object by reading the Mach-O headers from filename.

The filename should refer to an existing file in Mach-O format, and can refer to fat (universal) binaries.

When allow_unknown_load_commands is false the instance will raise an error when the specified file contains unknown load commands.


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